Sunday, 6 January 2013

Winter knitting

Last few days I spent sitting on my couch and knitting something for myself. I'm pretty selfish when it takes the knitting. I even have several reasons to explain my statement. First - my taste of clothing can slightly differ from the taste of the actual user. Second - I'm a very slow knitter, so it can take months to complete one small project. And third - sizes and their adjustments. Of course when the intended recipient is someone close to my heart, I forgot about my doubts and begin to knit as crazy.
But this post is not about knitting gifts and pleasure of giving ( I save it for another one), it's rather about knitting without pattern and trying to imagine the final result.
Yes, I find it tricky to knit without the instructions. And yes, I find it pretty adventurous at the same time. Right now I'm thinking about the vest and if it goes as I planed, it will be completely made from my handspun yarns. I was neglecting spinning for a while and hopefully this little project of mine will encourage me to spend more time with the spinning wheel.
And so it happend that today is the big holiday - Epiphany. I wish you the brightest days and peaceful minds, my lovely readers!!!
We don't celebrate this holiday, but I think we have to make something similar next year.


MamaShift said...

Pretty colours! I need something to knit.

I made a "galette des rois" today. I like homemade, besides the French bakery in London was selling them for £20! It takes five minutes to make one! Unfortunately, my little one didn't like it. But she enjoyed to make the crown for us. No one found the "feve" today, though. Maybe tomorrow at breakfast.

Hannah said...

Ooh, you're so brave!
Happy new year :o)