Saturday, 5 January 2013


Hi! Here I am, sitting by the electric fire, dreaming about big cup of tea and thinking about to start blogging again. Yes, I know I'm not the best blogger and I don't update it daily, but it is not the main goal for me. Sometimes I just don't know what to say and that's why don't fill this cyber world of ours with another stupidity. Sometimes I think it's better to spend the time in real life, then writing a sentence or two in this blog. Or sometimes I just feel frustrated... and it's not the best mood for writing, is it?
It was the difficult year for our family, but now we're celebrating New Year, new hopes, new and old dreams, NEW BEGINNINGS. And I really hope this year will be brighter and milder.
Twelve days of Christmas are almost over and I invite you to look at some moments from my favorite time of year. Just several "postcards" from our Christmas break.

Christmas Eve in Vilnius

Christmas Eve in Vilnius

I really have to visit this shop someday

Some moments alone in the forest of my childhood

Enjoying winter wonderland


MamaShift said...

I have a feeling that you now go around Vilnius with a camera with the idea of making me as homesick as possible!

What did they put there in Rotuse?

One of elder daughter's best friends lives above that cafe. It was one of my first photos in Vilnius. There was snow and the waitresses in black and white dresses were standing around in the snow. The biscuits are great and colourful but the food is very average (giving an almost Soviet feel to the place).

I see what you mean about blogging and it's why I don't have one anymore! Now it extends to photography and I have almost not touched my camera since last June.

I hope this is a good year for you and your family! I always remember the photo of your mama, how beautiful and smiley she is!

Grace said...

Ooooh! What a beautiful place you live in. It really does look like a postcard. What country do you live in?

house full of jays said...

Hello, beautiful Ira! I have been thinking of you so often these days. Have not yet found a chance to send you a long note, though. I'm praying for your 2013, for your family, for your hope and joy to abound.
Thank you for sharing your lovely spirit here in this space (and your beautiful photographs!!). I've been struggling with blogging and trying to decide why, when, how, but I do love the connections I've made!

Apseed said...

Sydney, it's Christmas Town (Kalėdų Miestelis) in Rotuse.

Grace, I live in Lithuania:)

Rachel, THANK YOU very much for your thoughts and your kind words!