Saturday, 15 December 2012

Mindless knitting

You know such kind of scarfs are very popular these days. Just a big loop knitted in your favorite yarns. I was trying to avoid this design for a long time, but endless "Etsy Finds" forced me to change my mind.
The epiphany came at the same moment when I saw the sale on yarns in my local shop. An addicted idea like "I NEED my own infinity scarf" suddenly appeared in my head and never left it until I completed the knitting.
Honestly, you don't even need a pattern for scarf like this, but if you're like me, you can find some instructions here, here, here or here.
Now I can't hardly imagine my winter life without this comfortable cowl. I like every inch of it. It's easy to wear and you don't bother yourself with the tails. It keeps you warm and toasty. And to make it "worse" it doesn't make you fill tight.
I'm not an addicted knitter, but despite this I have wrapped this project during weekend. If you are still feel hard-pressed about Christmas presents, in this case this cowl will be a nice solution for last-minute Christmas gifts.  

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