Thursday, 6 December 2012

He was here

Yesterday when it was cold and dark outside, we took out some Christmas decorations and slightly filled the living room with the first signs of this wonderful holiday.
It was the Eve of St. Nicholas Day, so I thought it would be wise to start slow preparation on this day. I'm thinking about to continue adding everyday some ornaments here and there and in this manner to avoid all the Christmas rush.
We hang out our Christmas stockings in hope to be visited by him. I know we're only children at heart and it can be tricky to believe in miracles. But we do hopelessly believe that everything can happen if you really want it. That's why this morning our joy knew no bounds when we found our stockings filled with gold! Even more, my lovely hubby received a postcard from St. Nicholas, which was irrefutable proof that He Was Here!

Here ir some moments from our festive morning.
Postcard from St. Nicholas

What a lovely way to remind us how happy we are

And of course a cup of hot coffee with Hot Cross Buns (ADORE them).

I hope you always have a room in you heart for little miracles like this.
Happy St. Nicholas Day!


MamaShift said...

You two are so cute! Is hubby Polish? I'm just curious. I've always imagined your husband as Russian but I couldn't imagine him as a Russian man, for some reason.

You did such a nice job to make everything so magical. Your woodstove is wonderful!

I started to read stories to the girls last night. I liked the Baker's Dozen story (you can find it online). Now he will leave a little toy car in my little one's shoe (and big girl picked out Toblerone for herself).

Happy St. Nicholas! May your generosity bring many blessings!

The Barefoot Crofter said...

What a lovely tradition - so full of the magic of the season. Your hearth is stunningly beautiful xx

karen said...

Love the photos and the candies :)

house full of jays said...

I love the magic!

Apseed said...

Thank You all for your kind words!!!

Apseed said...

Sydney, my hubby is a tiny bit polish, but mostly russian.